Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Why I moved to Texas to set up my homestead

Why Texas? It's not perfect, but it's well-armed

Why did I choose Texas to set up a homestead…because Texas has its own power grid unlike the rest of the nation. Texas can grow its own food. Texas is the energy capital of the nation and can produce natural gas, diesel, oil and even jet fuel. Texas has masses of armed patriots who own more guns than they do pairs of shoes, and that makes Texas practically impenetrable to any invading force.

For example, suppose North Korea launches an ICBM into the high atmosphere over North America and unleashes an EMP weapon that destroys nearly all electronics; this could theoretically be followed by a naval invasion of forces from Red China and North Korea, both of which suffer from too many young males that can hardly be fed and might as well be thrown at some enemy nation as cannon fodder. These forces would plow right through Southern California, with all its anti-gun laws and totally unprepared populations.

Oregon would fare a lot better, thanks to the country folks who know how to live off the land, and although Seattle would be quickly overrun by enemy forces, the eastern (country) parts of Washington state would put up a fierce resistance. And any enemy forces foolish enough to try to make it into Idaho would, of course, be viciously intercepted by highly capable resistance forces that would snipe, explode and shred the enemy's supply lines, halting any advance no matter how strongly intentioned. (You do not want to mess with American rebels and patriots in Idaho, for the record.)

If some enemy force was foolish enough to try to enter Texas, they would be obliterated by a mass of Texas farmers, ranchers, National Guardsmen, law enforcement officers and ex-military men who are all locked and loaded to the hilt. That's where I feel safest, in the midst of the best-armed and most well-skilled riflemen in the country, most of which are upstanding, community-minded citizens who defend life and liberty. Texas is a fortress of determined men and women who will not, under any circumstances, willfully surrender their freedoms or their Bill of Rights.

That's why people who don't own guns dial 911 -- because they want men who DO own guns to arrive as quickly as possible and solve their problem.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

8 Job hunting stategies for the holidays

For those of you whom are unemployed, I wanted you to know that I am too.  It's been almost 6 months already for me and it has been longer for me in the past too.  I have found that it is easy to succumb to distractions and despair when you're out of work during the holidays...especially during the holiday seasons.  You may vacillate between feeling blue (angry, depressed, vengeful, etc...)because you're unemployed to wanting to participate in the merriment and postpone the job search until after the New Year. Follow these tips to help you stay on track and enjoy the season at the same time:

1) Attend holiday parties and family gatherings. These events are a good time to network. Tell your family and friends what you're looking for.

2) Stay the course. The perception that hiring tapers off between Thanksgiving and the New Year is simply not correct. Be persistent and work your daily plan so you can be a standout candidate.

3) Professional Associations are holding their year-end events; they're usually well attended and you should be there, too.

4) Party animal? Tone it down. Be careful about the photographs you post online.

5) Send holiday greetings to all your contacts. Let them know you're still looking for work.

6) Refresh and repost your online resumes and professional profiles; employers are more apt to contact a currently active user. (Seriously, you should refresh your resumes on Monster and CareerBuilder every month.  I know it's time consumeing and it totally sucks to repost all that info; but, after I do it, that is when I get the most calls.

7) Volunteer using your skills and expertise to help the less fortunate.

8) Get ready for the New Year. Everybody loves the optimistic feelings that come from the prospect of a fresh start. Do a little pre-planning on those cold winter nights. Keep your eye on your goals, stay positive, have some fun, and the holidays can be a time of great satisfaction.