Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Things to do this month - October

___ 1) Get your Bug Out Vehicle in Bug-Out condition.

___ 2) Learn both people and animal tracking skills.

___ 3) After paying off your consumer debt, make a plan to pay off your car loan and home mortgage.

___ 4) Have a “no spend” week (or better yet, a “no spend” month). Don’t spend any money at all for one week.

___ 5) Make sure your preparedness supplies are complete and safely stored where you can easily retrieve them.

___ 6) Watch the weather. Old timers didn’t need to news to predict the weather, they learned natural ways of forecasting. Learn these skills.

___ 7) Learn how to hustle for extra cash (ie: billiards, darts, poker, arm wrestling, etc).

___ 8) Under each bed in your home put a working flashlight, a pair of work gloves, a pair of shoes for the person who usually sleeps there, a whistle, and on the second floor or higher, a rope ladder to escape from the room in case of fire.

___ 9) Should you sell any electronics (a cell, IPod, or PDA on EBay perhaps) be sure to completely erase all data on it first.

___ 10) Prepare your car for winter driving. In addition to your basic supplies (tool box, first aid kit, BOB) include tire chains, a shovel, a blanket, etc.

___ 11) Place a list of emergency information next to each phone. Include address, emergency number (usually 911), Poison Center number, name of all family members and their cell phone numbers, name and number of a neighbor or nearby friend, and other emergency contact numbers.

___ 12) Set in motion a plan to achieve one huge goal (ie: a PhD, a black belt in martial arts, earning a million dollars, etc) and work to achieve it.

___ 13) Consider hiring a staff to help you be more efficient (ie: gardener, housekeeper, secretary, personal assistant, driver, etc).

___ 14) Put together a kit to help you change your appearance in an instant (hair dye, a wig, glasses, fake facial hair, make up, etc.).

___ 15) Make your own home page for the internet.

___ 16) Consider purchasing land and creating a retreat/vacation home in a foreign country.

___ 17) Consider becoming certified in various fields of work (ie: real estate, midwifery, truck driving, hair cutting/barber, etc.).

___ 18) Get a pre-paid cell phone (it should not be connected to your name in any way).

___ 19) Incorporate basic vitamins, calisthenics, and lots of water into your daily health routine.

___ 20) Encourage wildlife on your property (winter salt lick, pond for ducks, bird feeder, etc).

___ 21) Spend a weekend with your family learning “old time” skills (leather craft, knitting, wood working, quilting, etc.).

___ 22) Learn how to drive and navigate confidently through a large city (New York, LA, Paris, etc.).

___ 23) Become fluent in at least two other foreign languages.

___ 24) Spend time with people who do daily tasks differently than your average American (ie: the Amish, recent immigrants, Native Americans).

___ 25) Fix any physical problems you have if possible (ie: Lasic surgery instead of glasses, a diet/exercise regimen to lower blood pressure and blood glucose, any necessary surgeries you have been putting off, needed dental work, etc).

___ 26) Watch “disaster” type documentaries on TV (A&E, TLC and the History channel have lots of these) and figure out ways these disasters could have been avoided/mitigated.

___ 27) Get your garden ready for winter. Till, add compost, cover crop, etc.

___ 28) Always carry a buck knife, pocket knife or multi-function tool with you at all times.

___ 29) Make sure your sleeping area is as secure as possible (have a smoke alarm in the room, a lockable door, windows that can be secured when both opened and closed, a telephone nearby, a flashlight under the bed, an escape plan, etc.).

___ 30) Make it a habit to eat only healthy food everyday. Skip the over-processed, high fat/salt/sugar foods, plus any other foods you are particularly sensitive to (dairy, nuts, etc.).

___ 31) Set up an elaborate “haunted house” for the neighbor kids (ie: moving displays, remote controlled moving things, mannequins, etc).

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