Friday, September 2, 2011

Things to do this month - September

1) Seek out natural food sources in your area (berry patch, lake for fishing, wild edibles, etc).
2) Consider home schooling your children or at least knowing how to should the need arise.
3) Find out what services your county extension office provides and take advantage of them.
4) Build a greenhouse to extend your growing season.
5) Expand your garden to include fruit and nut trees.
6) Subscribe to a “back to the land” magazine (ie: Backwoods Home or Mother Earth News).
7) Learn to tie a variety of knots.
8) Get a vacuum food packager—it has a million and one uses.
9) Always use good infection control practices—avoid the sick, wash your hands with soap and water regularly or use an alcohol-based waterless hand sanitizer, and don’t spread your own germs.
10) Bake your own bread. Start with grain you have to grind yourself. Try making a sourdough bread from scratch (catch your own yeast) as well.
11) Camp or backpack in a variety of environments: desert, jungle, tundra, etc.
12) Take a wilderness first aid course.
13) Consider installing a pond and raising your own fish.
14) Learn archery.
15) Disentangle yourself from any current situations that could be disadvantageous to your survival (illegal dealings, an affair, etc.).
16) Always keep a low profile in everything you do: the way you dress, the way you spend money, the way you look, the way you talk, etc.
17) Become familiar with naturopathic medicine; put together a naturopathic first aid kit.
18) Practice making snares to catch small animals.
19) Consider heating your home with wood. Install a wood stove, cut, split and dry your own firewood.
20) Open an off-shore bank account.
21) Get your home ready for winter—insulate pipes, caulk doors and windows, add other insulation as needed.
22) Safely store enough fuel to provide at least two tankfulls of gas for your most efficient car.
23) Keep up on local, national and international news everyday.
24) Practice signaling messages back and forth with your family/team. Use Morse code, mirrors, smoke signals, etc.
25) Acquire enough funds to cover six months of living expenses ASAP.
26) Go hunting. Learn to kill and process an animal for food.
27) Make an “everyday carry packet” such as the one listed at the bottom of the page at
28) Always be prepared for new business or a better job—network, have on hand an updated resume and business cards, always dress professionally, etc.
29) Develop a source of passive income.
30) Keep a spare of things you use every day (spare glasses, spare watch, spare hearing aid batteries, spare laptop…basically anything you would be lost without).

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