Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Warning signs from animals

You may not receive any advance notice of an attack in your neighborhood. So, watch for nature's signals. Birds will die first, then cats, etc. If you see even one dead bird, stay indoors and contact the authorities. You might even want to build a small aviary outdoors and add some birds. If you already have pet birds inside, you might want to put them out on the porch in the daytime (if it is warm enough and out of direct sun - it doesn't count as a signal of an attack if you kill the bird yourself!) Or, you may want to keep the birdcage as close to a window as possible to get some advance notice from the little bit of air that can come in there. (Some birds could die from the draft alone - also doesn't count - so research care of your bird first.)

All animals give us warnings of some impending disasters. Before an earthquake, dogs stop barking, some dogs hide, cats hide, horses make more noise and get restless. Sharks are reported to evacuate the reefs they cruise daily before a hurricane. Toads flee the day before an earthquake. And, it is said that you can tell that an earthquake in winter is imminent when you see earthworms come out of the ground. Some people say that the animal shelters and lost ads dramatically increase before an earthquake -- possibly for up to two weeks before.

Before large earthquakes, it seems even the wind stops. A lightning storm without any rain or hail can be (not always) a signal that a large earthquake is on its way. A hailstorm can be (not always) a sign that the storm is becoming a tornado.

Hopefully, we will also receive warnings from government officials and/or weathermen when we need them.

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