Friday, August 19, 2011

Getting physically fit

It is important that everyone be physically fit, and even more so for a Prepper. Being reasonably fit means that you can hike the trail you intend to travel when bugging-out on foot. It means you can work harder throughout the day to earn a few bucks when jobs are scarce. It means your garden won't wither away and die due to lack of energy.

Every physical activity you pursue will be easier, quicker, more enjoyable and be less likely to cause injuries that might render you significantly less able, or even permanently disable you. A healthy body does more, rests better, heals quicker and fights harder. The mind is sharper and memories stronger. All in all, there are no bad effects from being healthy, and numerous advantages for the quick and fit. In a single day one may carry injured companions, push stalled vehicles, or do many other strength-related tasks. Indeed, survival in the wilderness may, in large part, depend on the muscular endurance and strength of the individual.

If you take nothing else out of this, just get up and start moving…begin with a used weight bench and some dumbbells. Your muscles are going to scream and hurt for the first few weeks, but as you continue and see your body change from fat to fit you will want to work out regularly.

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  1. Strength and endurance. I often wonder how many people with a 3 day b.o.b. could actually cover 40+ miles over 3 days to get home if they were stranded somewhere.
    Get up and start moving. Body weight resistance and just walking around the neighborhood for an hour. We all have time to do it, we just have to make a choice.