Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Taking contol of rain water - part 1

Since I am out of work, I've decided that I'm going to begin taking control of the rain water.  Never mind that is after the rain season already; nevertheless, it's time I begin a new project anyway.  The rain gutters were installed last year, but the rain run off just runs out into the grass (weeds)...not good is one is going to collect that water for next years growing season.

First thing I had to do was dig the trenches to catch the rain water.  Yes, that was dug out by hand.

Then I had to get the pipe and sleeve.  Fortunately, the sleeve came with the pipe.  For rock, I raked it off my driveway.  It's all stone anyway.

Since I am also installing a soaker hose (which will ultimately be attached to rain barrels) I had to dig out under the concrete walkway...oh yea, the water drain hose is going under the walkway as well and will be attached to a four inch pipe.  That pipe will drain into either water tanks or a pond in the front yard (also called a tank).

Rain water will be drained away from the foundation.

Past the foundation and ultimately to another four inch pipe to a pond or tank.

Back fill with rock, weed blocker fabric, and mulch.  More plants will come later (after the Summer season).

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  1. This looks like a really good project. Is the property sloped enough for the water to go directly into a tank or are you going to need a holding pond and a pump?