Friday, June 3, 2011

Things to do this month - June

___ 1) Learn how to (safely) ride a motorcycle.

___ 2) Develop a disaster continuation plan for your business.

___ 3) Your garden should be in bloom by now; develop a compost pile, write up a garden journal.

___ 4) Check out ethnic markets in the nearest large city—great prices and interesting items.

___ 5) Make an annual inspection of your home and fix/clean/update things as needed.

___ 6) Take a firearms class that will increase your skills.

___ 7) Turn off the TV for a week. See what it’s like to avoid the media onslaught for a week.

___ 8) Have a garage sale. Get rid of stuff you don’t need and make some money at the same time.

___ 9) Take the family/team on a week-long backpacking trip.

___ 10) Get a part-time summer job, if necessary, to pay off your bills.

___ 11) Prepare for hurricane season if you live in an area prone to hurricanes.

___ 12) Have all of your mail go to your PO box; never put outgoing mail in your home mail box.

___ 13) Find out what kind of perks your employer has and take advantage of them.

___ 14) Put your hobby to work. Make money from your hobby by teaching a class or selling your items.

___ 15) Find out how you can add solar power to your home or retreat.

___ 16) Raise your own meat: rabbits or chickens or, on a larger scale, pigs and cows.

___ 17) Put your/your family’s info and pictures on a jump drive and take it with you on vacation; this is useful information in the event of an emergency.

___ 18) Sign up now for a Hunter’s Education class so you will be ready to go in the Fall.

___ 19) Take a boating class and learn how to use various watercraft.

___ 20) Clear up any problems in your background that may come back to haunt you (back taxes, back child support, fines, warrants, etc).

___ 21) Make your home safe from wildfires by clearing brush, making a fire line, etc.

___ 22) While you are at a big summer event (fair, rodeo, baseball game, etc), make a mental plan of how you would escape and/or protect yourself in the event of an emergency.

___ 23) Go to and learn how to install/use spyware remover, anti-virus, ad blocker, disk wiper and other useful software on your computer.

___ 24) Brush up on your electronics skills. Go to , click on How 2.0, and pick a task to do.

___ 25) Consider getting/training a guard dog as an additional source of protection.

___ 26) Make sure you have very thorough first aid kits in your home, car, BOB, and office.

___ 27) Learn how to sharpen/care for your survival knife.

___ 28) Add to your investment funds and home cash stash.

___ 29) Research the official warning systems that would be used in your area in the event of an emergency.

___ 30) Set your phone or PDA to receive top story email/text updates.

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