Sunday, May 1, 2011

Leaving California - it's the only way to survive

I am sorry to say that this may be my last post on this blog... my wife and I have finally decided that the only only way to survive the coming economic crash was to purchase some affordable land, home, and move.  We want to create other opportunities in a State where we would be welcome and able to contribute to it's success.

We have settled with this house with an acre, in TX.  The blog will be redirected to "Preparing to survive in TX" in the very near future.  I'm going to update everyone on all the prepping we do as we settle into our new evironment.  I will post again sometime after we make the move.


  1. I am very happy for you and your family. It will be easier to prepare for future survival there than here in California due to the more independent attitudes that Texans have. Congratulations on the move.

  2. Welcome to the land of the freer and the home of the braver. A North Texas Patriot