Monday, May 23, 2011

Finally made it to Texas

As I sit here and write this, a wild turkey is walking past my office window...obviously, we finally made it to Texas!  Things are going well, but what an adventure it's been.  The drive took two days and we made it to the Title company on Friday; but, they didn't have our paperwork ready so we had to spend the next few days in a hotel.  Sitting in the hotel, I realized that I did not follow my own advice and didn't put any thought into my moving plans...I completely forgot my B.O.B.  We brought the wife's B.O.B., all the weapons & ammo, air mattress, big screen T.V., and the gold & silver; but not my B.O.B. 

If we had to ditch the vehicle or vacate the hotel due to a tornado or something, we would have been screwed.  The moral of the story (if there is one) is slow down and think about what you are doing before you act. 

Now I get begin planning my future projects:

find out why I have a sinkhole in my front yard
get a tractor with attachments
begin raising worms, craw fish, shrimp in pools
water tanks for rain water
build out the workshop ('s freakin huge)
plan garden
find free manure for garden
build chick coop
get chickens

and the list goes on and on...

I'll begin posting more after I unpack more boxes and get settled in.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

So you REALLY think Obama just died.....oh brother

Gordon Duff

Veterans Today


“everyone knows the picture is fake the same as every news report or video released of bin laden sticking his fingers up to the US. There has not been a genuine photo or video of him since before 9/11″

Simon, Sovereign Independent

Years of Deceit: United States Openly Admits Bin Laden Long Dead

Bin laden never mentioned in McChrystal report or Obama speech

“Hunt for bin laden” a national shame

Conservative commentator, former Marine Colonel Bob Pappas has been saying for years that bin Laden died at Tora Bora and that Senator Kerry’s claim that bin Laden escaped with Bush help was a lie. Now we know that Pappas was correct. The embarrassment of having Secretary of State Clinton talk about bin Laden in Pakistan was horrific. He has been dead since December 13, 2001 and now, finally, everyone, Obama, McChrystal, Cheney, everyone who isn’t nuts is finally saying what they have known for years.

However, since we lost a couple of hundred of our top special operations forces hunting for bin Laden after we knew he was dead, is someone going to answer for this with some jail time? Since we spent 200 million dollars on “special ops” looking for someone we knew was dead, who is going to jail for that? Since Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney continually talked about a man they knew was dead, now known to be for reasons of POLITICAL nature, who is going to jail for that? Why were tapes brought out, now known to be forged, as legitimate intelligence to sway the disputed 2004 election in the US? This is a criminal act if there ever was one.

In 66 pages, General Stanley McChrystal never mentions Osama bin Laden. Everything is “Mullah Omar” now. In his talk at West Point, President Obama never mentioned Osama bin Laden. Col. Pappas makes it clear, Vice President Cheney let it “out of the bag” long ago. Bin Laden was killed by American troops many, many years ago.

America knew Osama bin Laden died December 13, 2001. After that his use was hardly one to unite America, but rather one to divide, scam and play games. With bin Laden gone, we could have started legitimate nation building in Afghanistan instead of the eternal insurgency that we invented ourselves.

Without our ill informed policies, we could have had a brought diplomatic solution in 2002 in Afghanistan, the one we are ignoring now, and spent money rebuilding the country, 5 cents on the dollar compared to what we are spending fighting a war against an enemy we ourselves recruited through ignorance.

The bin Laden scam is one of the most shameful acts ever perpetrated against the American people. We don’t even know if he really was an enemy, certainly he was never the person that Bush and Cheney said. In fact, the Bush and bin Laden families were always close friends and had been for many years.

What kind of man was Osama bin Laden? This one time American ally against Russia, son of a wealthy Saudi family, went to Afghanistan to help them fight for their freedom. America saw him as a great hero then. Transcripts of the real bin Laden show him to be much more moderate than we claim, angry at Israel and the US government but showing no anger toward Americans and never making the kind of theats claimed. All of this is public record for any with the will to learn.

How much of America’s tragedy is tied with these two children of the rich, children of families long joined through money and friendship, the Bush and bin Laden clans.

One son died in remote mountains, another lives in a Dallas suburb hoping nobody is sent after him. One is a combat veteran, one never took a strong stand unless done from safety and comfort. Islam once saw bin Laden as a great leader. Now he is mostly forgotten.

What has America decided about Bush?

We know this: Bin Laden always denied any ties to 9/11 and, in fact, has never been charged in relation to 9/11. He not only denied involvement, but had done so, while alive, 4 times and had vigorously condemned those who were involved in the attack.

This is on the public record, public in every free country except ours. We, instead, showed films made by paid actors, made up to look somewhat similar to bin Laden, actors who contradicted bin Ladens very public statements, actors pretending to be bin Laden long after bin Laden’s death.

These were done to help justify spending, repressive laws, torture and simple thievery.

For years, we attacked the government of Pakistan for not hunting down someone everyone knew was dead. Bin Laden’s death hit the newspapers in Pakistan on December 15, 2001. How do you think our ally felt when they were continually berated for failing to hunt down and turn over someone who didn’t exist?

What do you think this did for American credibility in Pakistan and through the Islamic world? Were we seen as criminals, liars or simply fools? Which one is best?

This is also treason.

How does the death of bin Laden and the defeat and dismemberment of Al Qaeda impact the intelligence assessments, partially based on, not only bin Laden but Al Qaeda activity in Iraq that, not only never happened but was now known to have been unable to happen?

How many “Pentagon Pundits,” the retired officers who sold their honor to send us to war for what is now known to be domestic, political, dirty tricks and not national security are culpable in these crimes?

I don’t always agree with Col. Pappas on things. I believe his politics overrule his judgement at times. However, we totally agree on bin Laden; we simply disagree with what it means. To me lying and sending men to their deaths based on lies is treason.

Falsifying military intelligence and spending billions on unnecessary military operations for political reasons is an abomination. Consider this, giving billions in contracts to GOP friends who fill campaign coffers, and doing so based on falsified intelligence is insane. This was done for years.

We spent 8 years chasing a dead man, spending billions, sending FBI agents, the CIA, Navy Seals, Marine Force Recon, Special Forces, many to their deaths, as part of a political campaign to justify running America into debt, enriching a pack of political cronies and war profiteers and to puff up a pack of Pentagon peacocks and their White house draft dodging bosses.

How many laws were pushed through because of a dead man?

How many hundreds were tortured to find a dead man?

How many hundreds died looking for a dead man?

How many billions were spent looking for a dead man?

Every time Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld stood before troops and talked about hunting down the dead bin Laden, it was a dishonor. Lying to men and women who put their lives on the line is not a joke.

Who is going to answer to the families of those who died for the politics and profit tied to the Hunt for Bin Laden?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Things to do this month - May

Focus on children month

___ 1) Check out your child’s bicycle/sports helmet and ensure that it fits properly. Of course if the helmet is damaged or too small, it will need to be replaced immediately.

___ 2) Discuss ways that your child could escape from the house if it was on fire and hold a fire drill.

___ 3) Teach your child how to perform CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver.

___ 4) Make sure that your child has the proper infant/booster seat and that it is installed properly.

___ 5) Monitor your child’s internet activity. Install parental control software, place their computer in a public location in your home, explain to them the dangers that lurk on the internet and monitor what they put on their website or My Space page.

___ 6) Teach your child how to call 911, how to report an emergency and when calling 911 is appropriate.

___ 7) Ride with your teenage driver for a day. Check out their driving skills, note areas for improvement and give positive feedback on what they do right.

___ 8) Working with your child, pack a seven-day emergency supplies bag for each of you that includes food, water, shelter, clothing, personal supplies, etc.

___ 9) Devise a secret password to use with your child and discuss scenarios when this word may be used.

___ 10) For one day, challenge your entire family to eat only healthy, unprocessed foods. Teach your children the difference between processed and unprocessed foods, and between healthy and unhealthy food choices.

___ 11) Teach your child how to escape from a stranger. Allow them to practice yelling for help (you may want to warn the neighbors prior to this), and how to hit and kick (with a punching bag).

___ 12) Check out your child’s summer sporting goods (bicycles, roller blades, life jackets, etc) and make sure all fit correctly and are in good working order.

___ 13) Make an info sheet for your child which includes pertinent information including name, birthday, social security number, height, weight, a recent photo and fingerprints and keep this in a secure location.

___ 14) Take your kids on a safety hunt through your home. Identify and correct hazards such as fire hazards in the garage, unlocked chemicals and medications, loose handrails on the stairs, etc.

___ 15) Teach your child how to protect their health. Of course make sure their vaccinations are up to date, but also include lessons on hand washing, covering their cough, and to eat and exercise for optimum wellness.

___ 16) When you are out in public with your child play the “what if” game. What if we get separated, where would you go and who would you ask for help? What if there was an earthquake right now, where is a safe place to protect yourself? What if a stranger comes up and asks for your help when you are with your friends?

___ 17) Teach your kids about drugs and alcohol. If they don’t learn this important information from you, they will probably learn (incorrectly) from their friends.

___ 18) Spend time each day sharing an activity with your child. Whether reading a book, cooking a meal, helping with homework or watching the news together, this time will allow you to keep the lines of communication open. Encourage them to discuss their concerns with you and make it your business to bring your concerns (ie: they seem depressed, stressed out, etc) to them.

___ 19) Laminate an info card for your child that includes their name, address, phone number, allergies, contact information for their parents, as well as contact information for a trusted friend or relative. Have your child always carry this card with them.

___ 20) Make sure your child learns appropriate safety information for the activities they are likely to participate in (ie: if your family enjoys boating they should know how to boat safely, if you have a horse they should practice safe riding skills).
___ 21) Prepare your child for disasters that are most likely to happen in your area (ie; what to do during an earthquake, tornado, or hurricane depending on what part of the country you live in.
___ 22) Increase your child’s safety by setting clear safety guidelines which include age-appropriate activities, always knowing where they are and who they are with, reasonable curfews, and clear expectations.

___ 23) School shootings are, unfortunately, growing more common. Know what kind of policy your child’s school has in place for this type of incident and volunteer to participate in their school safety drills.

___ 24) Teach your child about gun safety and use common sense precautions with the weapons in your home.

___ 25) Make sure you child knows how to swim and how to protect themselves around water (ie: pools, lakes, oceans, etc).

___ 26) Encourage your child to participate in activities that build their self esteem. Confidence and a high self esteem go a long way towards heading off a variety of social/peer-pressure problems.

___ 27) Volunteer with your child’s school, sports teams, etc so that you will have a very good idea of what is going on with your child.

___ 28) Take your child camping/backpacking and teach them wilderness survival skills.

___ 29) Let your child plan and lead family activities. This teaches them a variety of useful skills that they will use throughout their life.

___ 30) Teach your child how to be money smart. Teach them about saving, investing and spending money wisely.

___ 31) Teach your child how to earn money. Teach them good work skills, entrepreneurial skills and social skills so that they will always be able to support themselves.

Leaving California - it's the only way to survive

I am sorry to say that this may be my last post on this blog... my wife and I have finally decided that the only only way to survive the coming economic crash was to purchase some affordable land, home, and move.  We want to create other opportunities in a State where we would be welcome and able to contribute to it's success.

We have settled with this house with an acre, in TX.  The blog will be redirected to "Preparing to survive in TX" in the very near future.  I'm going to update everyone on all the prepping we do as we settle into our new evironment.  I will post again sometime after we make the move.