Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Zero Water Filters - just got this email from the company

Does the ZeroWater Filter

Remove Nuclear Radiation?

"We've been getting this question from a lot of people lately, and want to make sure you have the best information available. While the ZeroWater filter was never designed to remove radiation, it uses the same basic ion-exchange technology that is recommended by the EPA and commonly used in the nuclear power industry, and our own testing has indicated reduction of certain radioactive contaminants. Unfortunately, there are no comprehensive protocols available in the US to gain third-party certification of radiation reduction, so it is impossible to positively state what level of reduction is safe for drinking water."

EPA report - basic ion exchange technology

As many of you know, I did my own research to see if I could filter pool water as a means of a backup water supply using Zero Water filters....the result can be read here...Testing the water...so to speak.

No, I don't own stock in this company.  I only give reviews on products I use and post on my blog.

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