Friday, April 1, 2011

Things to do this month - April

Obviously, there are some things on this list I cannot do.  However, it may spark a few ideas for you.

___ 1) Learn how to use a map and compass.

___ 2) Develop an alternate transportation plan. Consider walking, the bus, a bike, etc.

___ 3) Get a PO Box or Private Mail Box based on your ghost address.

___ 4) Make it a habit to always conserve resources.

___ 5) Take a class on tactical driving.

___ 6) Learn how to start a fire without matches.

___ 7) Update your contact lists.

___ 8) Stockpile ammo as it comes on sale.

___ 9) Practice emergency lockdown drills in your home and office regularly.

___ 10) Learn how to preserve a variety of food as it comes out of your garden.

___ 11) Learn about wild edible and medicinal plants that grow in your area.

___ 12) Go out into the woods and build a shelter from scratch.

___ 13) Get a police scanner and figure out what codes are used in your area.

___ 14) Brush up on or learn some new computer skills.

___ 15) Develop secret codes to use in a variety of situations with your friends/SOs/team.

___ 16) Develop an alternate sanitation plan (that won’t rely on sewer or septic).

___ 17) Learn how to reload ammunition.

___ 18) Always have basic PPEs on hand (ie: gloves, mask, safety glasses, etc).

___ 19) Keep a list of survival websites on your favorites list and read them often.

___ 20) How are your construction skills? Build something!

___ 21) Earthquake-proof your home if your live in an area susceptible to earthquakes.

___ 22) Learn how to fly an airplane.

___ 23) Register to vote.

___ 24) Strand yourself a hundred miles from home and figure out how to get back.

___ 25) Always take precautions against sexually transmitted diseases.

___ 26) Add medical books to your survival library.

___ 27) Read your county’s demographics website for survival information pertinent to your area.

___ 28) Go fishing. (learn how to actually catch something)

___ 29) Continually build up your reserves (food, supplies, toiletries, survival gear, etc).

___ 30) Develop alternative sources of water should your primary source become unusable.


  1. I'm not skilled in three things on your list: 5, 17, 22 - tactical driving, reloading, and flying a plane. On 28, you should add clean and cook to the fish that you catch. It's a good list. Thanks for posting it. Never really thought about learning how to fly a plane but it would be a good skill to have.

  2. You know, I can help you with the learn how to fly an airplane item on your list. It's called Skypark, and it has a ton of information on aviation, starting with the basics and working out to full courses on airplanes. Cheers!

    - Andy