Monday, March 7, 2011

Just some pics of Ass-Crack-istan

I post these pictures to show you what I have to endure with our Military.  It's a challange, of which, I could not have found in the U.S.  I have learned how to eat MRE's three times a day, take cold showers, sleep in the cold, and what it's like not to use a toilet on a regular basis...toilet, I mean a clean bathroom.  Being out in the middle of nowhere with our troops has taught me a great deal about prepping and survival.  It IS kinda like living in a FEMA camp; in that I am here to serve the Military.  Anything they want, we get it or do it for them.  The most difficult part of being here is being away from my loved ones for so long.  Fortunately, I teach my wife something everytime I go home.  She can shoot, start a fire without matches, operate a generator, cook meals without a stove, fish, and hunt. I have no fear that if I can't get home anytime soon that she will be able to take care of herself and her adult kids.  She didn't "get" the prepping idea at first, but now she's all over it.

Yes, it does snow in Ass-Crack-istan.  Huge snowflakes.

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