Friday, December 31, 2010

Rabbit Snares - I finally bought some

I finally got off my duff and purchased a set of 12 rabbit snares.  I know they are illegal to use in CA...bla...bla...bla; that's why I'm moving to TX.  Anyway, I figured that the economy is going to break anytime now and since I like to practice what I preach; I got some snares.  The snares will be used as a primary source of food and all of our built up stores of canned goods will be used in times when I can't find and catch fresh meat.

The set didn't cost me too much; about $16.00 with shipping (ebay).

I will be ordering more, but have decided to look online and shop directly from the manufacturers.  I will also be searching online as to how to make my own snares.  But until that happens, I have a set I can use until I perfect my skills.

What have YOU been doing to prepare your family for when the SHTF?

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  1. I was raised in the country bucking bales, moving pipe, working on the equipment and taking care of the animals - being a country boy has its perks: there isn't anything that I can't fix or do without, nothing that I can't make grow and there isn't anything that I can't track, catch, kill and eat! I'm also a Pilot, a electrical contractor, a tactical firearms expert. I also have a network of friends and family who have many of the same skills and more!