Sunday, November 21, 2010

Raising Crawfish in the backyard in kiddie pools

My twin brother did some research on how to raise shrimp in a backyard pool.  What a great idea.  It all began when he was doing some research in aquaponics and one thing led to another.  So when I was looking into aquaponics I came across some research about raising crawfish in kiddie pools.  Looking at it from a financial perspective, I am thinking about raising the little critters instead of fish or shrimp.  Basically, all that is needed are some kiddie pools ($10.00 at WallyWorld off season), an air pump, and freshwater.  The initial outlay is less expensive than one of those above ground pools and ROI is faster than shrimp.

There is a bunch of info on the net as to how to start up your ponds and what type of crawfish to stock your ponds with.  Apparently, one of the largest is the Red Claw, which is native to Australia.  There are breeders down south in FL, LA, and TX who will ship the little critters to ya. If you have any experience with this sort of thing, please let me know what you have experienced.


  1. message me i need help with raising crayfidsh and bass

  2. Two and a half years of research on this subject also . I am also thinking of doing smoked catfish for export