Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The best laid plans of mice and men.... and THERMITE & TANNERITE

Alright....Mr. Murphy hit me with a one/two cross and I'm still spinning.  The house fell out of escrow in TX.  So, I get to stay in Ass-crack-istan for while longer until we find another homestead.  The builder had too many issues with what the home inspector found and didnt want to make any of the necessary repairs.

With the housing market taking a dump, the longer we wait the bigger the property we will be able to afford.  We are still stocking up on necessary supplies....except, for the fuel part.

I want at least 25 or more gallons saved up, but the brats took the fuel, put it in their gass guzzlers and didnt refill them.

Special NOTE!!!  If you can, begin buying silver coins. We were going to buy some at 17.56 and ounce....now, it's almost $26 an ounce and will shoot over $30.00 within the next few weeks.

The weeks in CA are getting a bit cooler...are you prepared for the cold, colds, and everything else that comes with cold weather?????

Dont want to make your own THERMITE????  Order it online at alphachemicals.com AND dbcpyrotechnics.com.  They sell the kits with and without Mg (Magnisium).

Go on Utube and look up "TANNERITE" and learn how to make some.  (just sayin')

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