Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shadow living - Part 12 - Don'ts of the mission

There are some things you simply do not do in the shadows. Doing these things will probably get you caught, injured, killed, or at the very least compromised. This is mostly common sense, though many are common errors made.

Don't take newbies on tours!

People who don't know what they are doing will get you caught. Don't count on being able to stash them while you do all of the work.

Don't eat during operations!

Eat before hand. Eating in the shadows will alert animals (including K9 units) to your location. It's also time consuming and can leave evidence without you knowing it. The exception is on long distance operations and you have to bug out in the woods over night.

Don't be fancy for no reason!

Forget that roof jumping crap you see on TV. It's possible in some cases, but it's also very loud and very tiring.

Don't hide in the trees!

If they catch you, where are you going to go? If they have K9 out for you, you are fucked.

Don't scatter your equipment!

Should you be compromised, you must be able to leave immediately - not put all of your gear back on and finally leave. If you take off and leave something, consider it evidence.

Don't use real names over radios!

Stupid, stupid, stupid! Anyone listening will have names connected to a crime, which will probably be enough for them to find out the rest of the info they need.

Don't assume!

Assuming will make you careless and get you caught. If there's anything good to assume, it's the worst.

Don't talk pointlessly!

Unless you absolutely need to, keep your mouth shut. If you are up close with a party member, whisper. When using a radio, talk as quietly as possible and do it where the least amount of noise is generated. Noises can be attributed to something besides you, but a human voice cannot.

Don't keep evidence!

No clipping newspaper articles, no keeping keep-sakes. These will be used against you if found. Sure, your exploits may be impressive, but you must keep them to yourself. Remember Rule 5!

Don't use acid on locks!

You may think it's a clever idea, but what happens if the vial breaks during travel? That's right.

Don't bring throwing blades!

Shuriken of any kind are useless on operations. They make crappy weapons, even worse distractions as they leave evidence. A simple rock is superior.

Don't carry ID!

This should be obvious. This way if you choose to turn into Mr. Inconspicuous at the last minute, you can deny everything more effectively.

Don't bring paintball or airsoft weaponry!

These are toys and will do little more than get you busted, or dead. You may be able to scare off a few people, but they may decide to shoot back with a real gun! Also, they are poor for blinding sensors and cameras. Leave them at home for games or training. Then there's the issue of leaving evidence.

Don't get into a car chase!

These almost always end in failure. The record speaks for itself.

Don't be predictable!

If you fall into the same routine on every operation, sooner or later someone is going to find out and wait for you the next time.

Don't bring along music!

You may think listening to the Mission Impossible theme seems like fun during an operation, but no matter how quiet you get the music, it will still effect your ability to hear everything else. You need to be able to hear your best. Besides, if you are listening to the music, then you aren't focused on your operation, and if you are too focused to listen, then the music is pointless. Leave the Ipod at home.

Don't jump through windows!

If you need to make an emergency exit through a window, toss a chair or anything heavy through first, then jump. If you jump through a whole window, you may end up injuring yourself severely. It's not a risk worth taking, it should never have to happen. The shadows aren't like in the movies, where windows are made of soft sugar or laquer.

Don't leave trails!

Stay out of snow, soft dirt, mud, or anything that will hold a footprint for a long time. Doing so gives the police more clues to your identity, routes taken, and could even lead them to your doorstep.

Don't get distracted!

On long distance operations, the mind tends to wander off and think about other things as you are walking to and from the operations area. Force yourself to stay focused, you can think all you want later at base.

Don't take your mask off outside!

Unless you are deep in the woods or in a field to or from the actual populace of somewhere, keep your mask on! You never know when somebody is going to see you. Keep Rule 9 in mind at all times.

Don't fake animal noises!

If someone thinks they hear something, and investigate your location, don't try to act like an animal. What happens if you fuck up? Even an expert can get a dry throat and mess it up, so just stay silent and watch what happens. What's more, the person may decide to shoot at the noise for one reason or another.

Don't write messages!

I know you might think that writing clever little messages on walls is funny and bragging material, but doing so gives away evidence, and benefits you in no way. If you do, at least write something misleading so it can work for you, not against you.

Don't get greedy!

This is important, countless operatives have been busted because they wanted just a little more. If you don't have the time to do something, don't push it. Don't forget Rule 3!

Don't be stupid!

Use common sense on your operations, adhere to the rules, don't do the "don'ts, and you should do just fine.

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