Monday, July 26, 2010

Shadow living - Part 9 - How to avoid getting caught when compromised

You fucked up, and now the boys in blue are on your ass! What do you do? First of all, you relax. Review Rules 8, 4, 2, and 1 - they all come into action here. First of all, you need to relax and analyze the situation. Are they using spotlights? If they are, then get out of there view. Don't try to get out of their reach, you won't be able to.

Are they sitting in their squad cars? If so, haul ass before it's too late, and make sure you do so where they can't see and track you. If they are coming after you on foot, it already is too late and you need to run now! If you know you can, outrun them until they quit the chase. This will only work in rural settings, as they can cut you off on roads. Remember to use your stealth. A good idea would be to run around corner, hide behind a lamp post, sneak back to the other side of the corner, and then run back from where you were. Do not, however, go to the point you were seen. There may be another officer there looking for dropped items. Another no-no is heading towards base. They may be able to cut you off, or track you there even if you get away. Give the police a run around.

Is there a K9 unit closing in? If so, it's time to run. Remember that there are two types of dogs - trackers and attack dogs. If they are leashed, you only need to outrun the owner, not the actual dog. Take off at a good run. If you can, run around in a normally populated area, like a parking lot, to throw the dog's senses off. Alternatively, in rural settings you can take to the fields and run around in overlapping patterns, confusing the dog. Remember that the chase is a game to the dog, and by making a game harder, you make it want to quit. Toss impediments in your path if it is close enough, anything that will make the dog want to stop. If worse comes to worst, you may have to decide if you are willing to kill the K9 unit. The decision will be based directly on your operation rewards.

Once you have broken loose from the police, stick to draws and areas that provide lots of cover. You can also go into the woods, but be sure you know where you are going. If you have a compass, you may need to use it. Also, you could try going as far as possible into the woods and camping somewhere for the night. Wherever you go, make sure you can hide in a moment’s notice.

What happens if you are inside of a building and are compromised? There are a few things you can do to evade the police and save yourself some time. The very first thing you should do is to lock the most likely doors leading to your location. This will keep the enemy at bay and give you more time to make your escape. Another thing you can use to keep doors shut is to use wedges to block them. If you have a screwdriver and some screws, you can also wedge screws between the door and the frame, making the door harder to kick in. You may also try placing a wedge beneath the door, then screwing the wedge into the floor. Good luck kicking through that!

The second thing to try is moving objects, such as desks and drawers, in front of doors, making them harder to break down. Remember to not spend too much time doing this, as chances are more police are on their way. Also, do not barricade yourself inside of the building unless you are using extreme force as it is a surefire way to get caught. If all police units are on their way inside the building, you may also try to hide where they cannot see you for sure near the entered door, then rush outside at the first chance you get.

The important thing to remember is that you need to get outside as soon as possible. Inside the building, there are limited places to go, and the police will search them swiftly.

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