Sunday, July 18, 2010

Shadow living - Part 8 - How to leave the scene

Mission accomplished, it's time to haul ass. You need to get out of the objective area, and get back to base. Alternatively, you may have been compromised and need to scramble (Rule 9). Hopefully you listened to me and made all of your escape routes. This phase of the operation is just as critical as the rest. Just because you've left the operation area doesn't mean you're safe yet. Again, Rule 9 comes into play here. You may have been seen during entry, or you may have tripped a security system unwittingly. Either way, a search for a suspect may be taking place right now and you need to get the hell out of the night.

If you were not compromised on your way in, then your entry route is a viable route back to base. If you were, try to choose the fastest escape route available to you and take it if possible. If blocked, try the next fastest one, and work your way down until you can get out. Remember not to leave tracks leading to your base. Keep a cool head and work your way back to base, and get some sleep. You can try leaving false tracks leading in the wrong direction though, and proceed to base from there.

If you opted to wear regular clothing under your operation gear, you may choose to be bold and get back to your base using an inconspicuous approach. Remember that you could be associated with the crime still if seen. It's your choice. Personally I would rather stick to the shadows.

Another thing you should keep in mind are people watching you constantly. They may or may not call the police, instead trying to get you further into trouble. If you suspect this is the case, act normal, don't run in a panic. You want to make them thing they are still in control. Pretend to check around a corner or whatever it takes to get out of sight, yet make them think you'll return. As soon as you have done so, haul ass!

When returning to base, the important thing to remember is that the operation is barely half over. You might be excited and want to get back as soon as possible, but fight the urge. Remain calm and alert, stay hidden, and take as much time as you need getting back to base.

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