Monday, July 26, 2010

Shadow living - Part 10 - The Alibi

So, you've finally gotten out of the night and back into base. The operation is over, right? Wrong. If an investigator catches you off guard, what then? If you were smart, you'd have an alibi ready to go. Rule 1 should always be considered when making an alibi.

The first major point in making an alibi is that you should never rely on other people to uphold it. In other words, don't say something like "I'm going on an operation tonight, if anyone asks where I was tonight, I was here playing videogames with you". This isn't necessarily because they aren't trustworthy, but they could get the story mixed up from yours, no matter how well rehearsed.

That brings us to the second point: fool anyone not directly involved into thinking you were at a certain place. Remember, what happens in the shadows, stays in the shadows. If you still live with you parents, then exit the house via a method they don't know about, such as a window. Make them think you are at home, asleep, and you have a bulletproof alibi. Try to avoid saying something like "I'm going to a friend’s house" because while you may have said that, nobody knows if you held your word.

Be clever. Go camping somewhere, with a bunch of operations equipment. As soon as you get somewhere, stash your camping stuff and throw on your ops gear. Then trek a couple miles somewhere and operate. Once done, return to camp, set up camp, and do just that for the remainder of your stay. If anyone asks, you were camping and it's obvious you were.

Let's say circumstances force you to rely on someone else. This is a rare situation, but one which should be addressed. For example, you come back into your house, and whoever was there knows that you left and snuck out the window. Lie, lie, lie. Tell them that you snuck out to go to a party. You'll get in a little trouble, but it beats the trouble you'd be in for doing operations. The same thing could be applied if you stayed out all night because of the police, you could say you spent the night at the party. Refuse to say where it was at. The reason is manifold - you could get a friend busted (never acceptable), and if certain people are called to make confirmations, the truth will emerge. Besides, it's either going to sound suspicious or a little too lame if you "rat" your friends out so easily. If you do not have a good lie, stretch the truth or leave out important details instead.

Before you even take one step outside, you need to decide what your alibis are going to be, because if you don't, you may lose a lot of freedoms. You need to make sure you can "prove" it, and that it doesn't come at the expense of valuable resources.

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