Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shadow living - Part 1 - Know your enemy, learn to be like your enemy

Shadow Living

You have to begin changing your perspective on life if you going to survive major "EVENTS".  If you are going to defend yourself and your family from the dregs of society, you have to begin thinking like the dregs of society....remember practice makes perfect.

Every think about roaming your neighborhood at night?  Do you even know who is?  I bed you'd be surprised to find just how many are scouting your neighborhood as you watch tv, cook dinner, or while you are having sex with your loved one.  I remember living in a neighborhood and started speaking to a neighbor of mine.  They told me that some guy was walking the walls between our houses and was told to beat it.  I never thought anything about it after that...unitl a week later.  This son-of-a-bitch broke into my house, while my (ex)girlfriend was home.  They took off the downstairs window, crawled through, and began to enter the hallway.  FORTUNATELY, we had a door handle alarm on the door and it began to chirp loudly...she grabbed the hand gun and yell through the downstairs door, "you better get out of here, I have a gun"....WTF?!? was my reaction....why didn't she shoot through the door???????

Since then, I began to get to know the shadows...... even working on Military bases, deep in Ass-crack-istan, I still try to become familiar with the shadows where I am.

You must have your reasons to step into the darkness, and I will not try to stop you, for I too enter the night regularly now. It is human nature to explore and conquer the unknown; there should be neither shame nor fear of it. Perhaps you wish to gain wealth by theft, knowledge by recon, or even the death of an enemy. Maybe you are being paid to kill or gather intelligence, maybe you simply wish to experience the thrill of the unknown. You'll need as much information as you can if you wish to go into the darkest depths of the shadows.

The Rules

There are certain rules which must be observed on all operations. These are fundamental to any operation, and the breaking of these rules may well end your existence in the shadows.

Rule 10 - Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Never assume you will be able to execute your plans to the mark. Expect something to go wrong, and make a general plan to follow in the event that it does. Its Murphy's Law - what can go wrong will go wrong. Plan the hell out of your operations. You should have maybe three ways to approach your goal initially, and three times as many for getting the hell out.

Rule 9 - Assume You Will Be Sighted

No matter how well you plan, no matter how much gear you have, there are always variables in an operation that cannot be helped. For example, a couple could be taking a walk at night and accidentally stumble into you, or perhaps they are sitting somewhere and may see you. Alternatively, what if there is a camera that you don't know about? Always wear your mask/disguise, and always have a way out available.

Rule 8 - Do Not EVER Panic

In the shadows, cool heads will always prevail. If something does not go your way, don't get overly frustrated. You will be unable to think and react properly. Just relax for a second, and think over the alternatives. Similarly, if somebody suspects you are in the area, do not panic and run away as fast as possible. It is usually better to simply take cover and chill out for awhile. Running should be your last resort. Remember, stealth is your asset in the shadows, not speed.

Rule 7 - Remain Careful at All Times

Even the best operative can be foiled by an unknown variable, as described in Rule 9. Approach every area with caution, no matter how many times you've been through it before. Also, don't underestimate the ability of ANY creature when out in the field. There’s no telling whom you can outrun, whom you can overpower, and whom you can trick. Also, keep the obvious in mind, such as wearing gloves and remaining unidentifiable.

Rule 6 - Keep the Party Small

If possible, try to operate alone. The reasons for this are manifold. A group is easier to see, easier to hear, easier to catch. When operating as a group, you operate as one. Your trails will be larger, your image bigger, and you need to take more time crossing obstacles. What's more, you can only travel as fast as the slowest person in the group can. Furthermore, more people means more mouths to open, so if you travel with a group, know that you can trust your life with them and nothing less. You can try to defeat these problems by splitting up, but then you can never know for sure what everyone else is doing, even if you have radios.

Rule 5 - What Happens in the Shadows, Stays in the Shadows

Don't talk about your operations. This seems obvious enough, but you'd be surprised at how many people break this rule. Hell, don't even hint at your operations. Store your loot away from your living area, keep your gear where no one can find it, and have excuses ready incase you or someone in your group is injured during the operation. Stuff your pride and find something less incriminating to brag about, because nobody is going to care about your exploits in jail. Feel free to read about your deeds in the papers, but don't cut or mark anything. Also, have a good alibi. You want others to "know" you are at home the entire time.

Rule 4 - Do Everything the Hard Way

We all know the saying about the wise men who do everything the easy way while the dumb do it the hard. This is a load of bullshit. The easy way is usually the obvious way, the suspected way. If you can, take difficult, misleading routes to your targets, forget the clear path. Try to ignore the front door and go for the back. Doing things the hard way will not only make potential investigations difficult, but it will probably bypass many security precautions as well. Be unconventional!

Rule 3 - If in Doubt, Quit

This probably goes against everything you've learned, but in the shadows, this is crucial. Rule 7 says to remain careful, not unconfident. Confidence helps out a lot during operations. At first you will worry a lot. You may see things that aren't there or hear imaginary voices. Listen to them anyways. There's no sense in doing something if you don't think you can do it. Remember, there is a lot at stake. Your confidence will build as you do smaller operations. From there you can work your way up the ladder. If you go into a situation too afraid, it will effect your ability to make sound decisions and operate at your best.

Rule 2 - Operate Balls to the Walls

Very important. Do not half-ass anything during the operation. When you climb a fence, climb it swift, silent, and keep your profile low. Every fence, even if it is out of range of anyone. When you enter a house, get in and out as fast as humanly possible while remaining undetected and accomplishing your mission. You can rest later. When it's show time, it's fucking go time. Act like you are being graded for your performance. Not only will this sharpen your skills better, but also it will boost your confidence and will help eliminate the human error aspect. You'll know that at least if you got caught; there are no "I should have’s” involved.

Rule 1 - Survive

This rule has many meanings, and to me it is the golden rule in the shadows. Survive. When in the shadows, you must do everything to ensure that you stay alive, and don’t get detained. If somebody chases you, haul ass and fight only as a last resort. If you must fight, fight with everything you've got. Take every precaution to ensure that you are not caught or killed in the field, because failure to do so may very well lead to your end. In short, Rule 1 encompasses every rule before it.

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