Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sorry I have been gone so long.

I wanted to say sorry for being gone for so long.

Last month, I went on R&R back home.  Spent 17 GLORIOUS days with the was nice.  I came back to Ass-crack-istan and got promoted to Western Region HR Manager....title raise.

When I was back home, I made sure to stock up on water filters, veggie seeds, food, and ammo.

With this freaking oil spill...I'm going to be stocking up on top soil.  Remember, water and other chemicals evaporate from the ocean and becomes rains...on water ways...IN YOUR WATER and SOIL...see what I'm getting at.

Leave the soil in the bags, poke holes in the bags to plant your seeds, and use clean water when watering the seeds and plants.  This freakin oil spill is going to kill thousands and your Govt isn't doing anything to stop it...seems like its a planned depopulation to me......

Oh yea, when the crops are ruined by the oiled filled rains....where and from who do you thing the government is going to come looking for horded meant to keep your family fed in times of emergency.

Remember, dont keep all your supplies in one location.

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