Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sun Glasses Vs. Safety Glasses

Summer is here! Now is the time many people working outdoors break out the sunglasses. While conventional sunglasses may protect the eyes from glare, they do a poor job of protecting your eyes from the industrial hazards of splashes, flying objects, and dust. In fact, conventional glasses can present their own hazards in the workplace.

It is a fact that the frame and lenses used in safety glasses are stronger than the frame and lenses used in conventional glasses. When an object strikes the lens of safety glasses it is very unlikely that the lens would dislodge. This is not true of conventional eye wear, especially those types with wire frames. When an object strikes the lens of conventional glasses, the lens can shatter, showering the wearer's eye with shards of glass. This can happen, and it has happened. But, with a pair of approved safety glasses, the lens may break, but it will not shatter back into the eye.

Safety glasses also have shields to reduce the risk of foreign objects reaching the eye from the sides, top or bottom. Sunglasses do not. In some parts of the country, glasses with leather side shields are popular among skiers and have found their way into general use. These types of sunglasses are never recommended for general or industrial use because they almost completely eliminate peripheral vision. In fact, in some parts of the country these glasses are illegal to wear while driving.

Because sunglasses have a darkened lens, some people mistakenly believe these glasses will provide the needed protection when welding, brazing, or cutting. This is far from the truth. A darkened lens will not protect your eyes from the infrared (IR) and ultra-violet (UV) radiation. Wearing glasses with darkened lenses which are not made for industrial applications can actually be more dangerous than wearing no glasses at all. This is because the eye attempts to compensate for less light by opening the pupil wider. In turn, this allows more of the damaging radiation in. For adequate protection from the visible light produced by welding, the lens must be of a specified shade. Sunglasses are not welding/cutting goggles.

What should you look for when selecting safety sunglasses? First, be sure the glasses are indeed safety eye wear, by checking to see if they comply with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards, the organization which sets the criteria for safety eyewear. This will be stated on the packaging and on the frame of the glasses. Look for "Z87.1." This is the ANSI designation identifying the glasses as approved safety eyewear.

Although not a necessity, consider glasses providing IR and UV protection. Look for glasses that are lightweight and adjustable. If the glasses don't fit properly, they won't be comfortable and thus they may not be worn. Try them on and adjust them before starting work. A good pair of safety sunglasses can be purchased for less than $10. This is certainly a deal when you consider you are protecting your priceless eyes.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Toxic rains from the oil spill

As you have probably read on many other blogs, North America will be facing years of toxic rain becuase of the poisonous chemical dispersants BP is using to control the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. When you pour more than a million gallons of toxic chemical dispersants on top of an oil spill, it doesn’t just disappear. In this case, it moves to the atmosphere, where it will travel hundreds, if not thousands of miles from the site of the BP oil spill, in the form of toxic rain. It will be traveling in the clouds and pushed in ward by the coming hurricanes and ALL the crops and cattle in Florida, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina will be effected.

We will all be experiencing much higher food prices in years to come.  We will all see increased prices in Soy bean products, peanuts, fruits and nuts, Sugar, tobacco, not to mention sea food products.  If you have not begun stocking up on necessary food, sanitation (including feminine personal hygiene products), water and other stuff (like heirloom seeds and bags of planting soil); you really should begin as soon as you can.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sorry I have been gone so long.

I wanted to say sorry for being gone for so long.

Last month, I went on R&R back home.  Spent 17 GLORIOUS days with the was nice.  I came back to Ass-crack-istan and got promoted to Western Region HR Manager....title raise.

When I was back home, I made sure to stock up on water filters, veggie seeds, food, and ammo.

With this freaking oil spill...I'm going to be stocking up on top soil.  Remember, water and other chemicals evaporate from the ocean and becomes rains...on water ways...IN YOUR WATER and SOIL...see what I'm getting at.

Leave the soil in the bags, poke holes in the bags to plant your seeds, and use clean water when watering the seeds and plants.  This freakin oil spill is going to kill thousands and your Govt isn't doing anything to stop it...seems like its a planned depopulation to me......

Oh yea, when the crops are ruined by the oiled filled rains....where and from who do you thing the government is going to come looking for horded meant to keep your family fed in times of emergency.

Remember, dont keep all your supplies in one location.

Would would happen if other States stood up for their rights like AZ?

It's a good question it deserves an honest answer. Over 80% of Americans demand secured borders and illegal migration stopped. But what would happen if all 20 million or more vacated America? The answers I found may surprise you!

Would would happen if other States stood up for their rights like AZ?

In California, if 3.5 million illegal aliens moved back to Mexico, it would leave an extra $10.2 billion to spend on overloaded school systems, bankrupt hospitals and overrun prisons. It would leave highways cleaner, safer and less congested. Everyone could understand one another as English became the dominant language again.

In Colorado, 500,000 illegal migrants, plus their 300,000 kids and grand-kids would move back 'home', mostly to Mexico. That would save Coloradans an estimated $2 billion (other experts say $7 billion) annually in taxes that pay for schooling, medical, social-services and incarceration costs. It means 12,000 gang members would vanish out of Denver alone.

Colorado would save more than $20 million in prison costs, and the terror that those 7,300 alien criminals set upon local citizens. Denver Officer Don Young and hundreds of Colorado victims would not have suffered death, accidents, rapes and other crimes by illegals.

Denver Public Schools would not suffer a 67% drop-out/flunk-out rate because of thousands of illegal alien students speaking 41 different languages. At least 200,000 vehicles would vanish from our gridlocked cities in Colorado. Denver's 4% unemployment rate would vanish as our working poor would gain jobs at a living wage..

In Florida, 1.5 million illegals would return the Sunshine State back to America, the rule of law, and English.

In Chicago, Illinois, 2.1 million illegals would free up hospitals, schools, prisons and highways for a safer, cleaner and more crime-free experience.

If 20 million illegal aliens returned 'home', the U.S. Economy would return to the rule of law. Employers would hire legal American citizens at a living wage. Everyone would pay their fair share of taxes because they wouldn't be working off the books. That would result in an additional $401 Billion in IRS income taxes collected annually, and an equal amount for local, state and city coffers.

No more push '1' for Spanish or '2' for English. No more confusion in American schools that now must contend with over 100 languages that degrade the educational system for American kids. Our over-crowded schools would lose more than two million illegal alien kids at a cost of billions in ESL and free breakfasts and lunches.

We would lose 500,000 illegal criminal alien inmates at a cost of more than $1.6 billion annually. That includes 15,000 MS-13 gang members who distribute $130 billion in drugs annually would vacate our country.

In cities like L.A., 20,000 members of the '18th Street Gang' would vanish from our nation. No more Mexican forgery gangs for ID theft from Americans! No more foreign rapists and child molesters!

Losing more than 20 million people would clear up our crowded highways and gridlock. Cleaner air and less drinking and driving American deaths by illegal aliens!
Sooooooo, what's the issue again?