Thursday, April 8, 2010

Update to "Your best defense against Chemical and Biological ...":

One of my readers sent me this update....thank you Anonymous reader!!!!!

We may be able to scratch smallpox off the list of grave threats if our gov't follows through on their formally expressed desire to purchase Tecovirimat (ST-246).

In case you don't know already, I wanted to point you to a company called Siga Technologies. Their lead pox candidate is an antiviral (not a vaccine)called ST-246 that has proven itself to be 100% efficacious in every challenge, including monkey pox, the actual variola virus, and several emergency uses with people. It is different from vaccines in that it is effective in post-symptomatic patients where a vaccine is only works before the onset of symptoms.

Siga is currently believed to be the sole contender for a late stage BARDA award for the Strategic National Stockpile which is expected in the next few weeks to months.

The RFP for the BARDA stockpile acquisition:

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