Monday, April 19, 2010

Getting to your family after and EVENT

Not long ago, a report quoting NASA scientists was issued by the National Academy of Science, the highest scientific advisory body to the United States Congress. The report said something that used to be unthinkable: our own sun could have a temper tantrum that would unleash a tsunami of radiation from outer space, potentially wiping out our space satellites, wiping out power lines, and leaving entire continents without power.

This means that your refrigerator and freezer wouldn't have any electricity, leaving food to rot and creating food shortages around the world. Communication systems and power systems worldwide could be wiped out for months at a time. Something this large would cause not just a localized but rather a continent-wide power outage.

An event of this magnitude may seem hard to grasp, but just remember that every eleven years the sun flips with respect to its magnetic field (North becomes South and South becomes North) and releases a burst of radiation directed toward outer space, including Earth, and that this burst could endanger our communication systems.
So when ALL phone systems go down (electricity, internet, land line phones, and cell phones) do you know what your spouse or other loved ones are going to react?  Have you practed what each one of your roles are going to be...where you are going to you will leave messages for eachother?
For example; my wife and I had a plan as to what we were going to do during an EVENT if the kids were in school and she and I were at work.  My wife was going to stay at work until I reached her.  If she had to leave (riots or earthquake) to go to her friends house; she was to grab her bug out bag (Wife's Bug Out Bag posted on California Prepers Network) and head to a friends house.  She would leave me directions written on her car:
L on R-2B-L-7B-RS-89
Which reads:
Left on Roscoe
go two blocks
turn left
go seven blocks
right side of street
house number ends in 89
If she had to leave one friends house to go to anothers, she would leave me a similiar message.  I kinda know where her friends homes are...but, I'm a guy (I'd NEVER ask for directions....LOL).
If I was home or work...My good ol' Military trainging would kick in and I'd go looking for her.  She also know to leave signals for me to follow as well...writing my nickname on a street sign; stuff like that.
I'd advise that you set up a plan of action with your family and read my post How will you communicate with your family.

I know some of you will suggest long range two way radios:

I will write a seperate piece on that later...please stand by.

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