Friday, April 16, 2010

Other things to prepare for a survival situation

Food, Water, Shelter, and Bullets are great to have, but there are some miscellaneous supplies that you shouldn’t forget. 

Medical: First aid kit, Aspirin, Paracetamol or Ibuprofen, special medications if needed and a first aid manual.

Hygiene: Pre-moistened towelettes, all-purpose liquid soap, tooth brushes and paste, disposable razors, feminine hygiene items, latex gloves, disinfectant.

Toilet/sanitation facilities: You should include chemical toilet facilities in your safe room. Even if the room already has a toilet, there's always the risk that the water supply will be interrupted or contaminated. Don't forget to store toilet tissue rolls. For more information on this, see the page Preparing a 'safe room' at home.

Clothing: At least one complete change of clothing for each member of the family.

Baby needs: Baby formula and plastic bottles, disposable diapers, pre-moistened wet wipes, baby blanket, two or three complete change of baby clothes.

Recreation : Toys for the children, playing cards, pens and paper, books, games,...

Please, Please, Please don't keep all your supplies in one spot.  What if your house gets robbed?  What if you are away from home during an "EVENT" and you come home to find your house is being lived in by someone else who now has your guns, ammo, gas, and food?  What if you are home and have to leave IMMEDIATELY?  How much stuff can you carry in your vehicle...have you tried to stuff all your stuff in your vehicle plus additonal fuel?

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