Monday, April 5, 2010 what; you're prepared for the worst...Aren't you?

Every other blog out there will be discussing the 7.2 earthquake and how everyone should be prepared for the “Big One” coming to the Los Angeles area… so I’m not really going to dwell on that issue too much. Those of us living in CA already know that it is coming and have already begun or are already prepared for that event. This post is going to be about all those who aren’t prepared to take care of their families when the Great Quake finally does arrive…and I’m sure it may happen sooner than later.

Two weeks ago, I told my wife that she should go get some extra cases of water for the house because I had a feeling that an earthquake was coming our way. Her response was “I don’t have the right shoes on and I don’t have anyone to lift the water into the car…bla…bla…bla”. She didn’t get the water. If the quake happened in the Los Angeles basin, she would be in a world of hurt right now. Since I am working in Ass-Crack-istan; even if I left today, I wouldn’t be able to make it home for a week.

We all have immediate distractions in our lives which overshadow our instinct to prepare for an emergency. If you have taken the initiative to store food, water, water filters, lights (flashlights, candles, fuel), first aid, sanitation, bullets, and more…that’s awesome. But, what have you done to protect those items? Have you stored them all in one place or have you spread your prep items around (with other family members in different towns, hidden in a cache, hidden at your bug out location)?

Event happens

Services stop (no electricity, water, sewer services)

Looting of stores begin

Economic / Social collapse

Looting gets worse

Transportation of food stops

Looting gets really bad

Neighbors, towns, cities begin to run out of food

Military begins to arrive – implements martial law

Those who have run out of their 4 days worth of food and soda start knocking on doors looking for more

Neighbors begin talking and looking in the trash to see who has been throwing away food wrappers

Masses begin to get upset that their Government isn’t taking care of them

Looting of empty homes intensifies

Masses begin to get sick from poor sanitation and drinking dirty water

FEMA camps begin to open up

You begin to share some food with your neighbors

Riots begin in FEMA camps (not enough food, showers, and TV’s to calm the “prisoners”)

Neighbors begin to see that you aren’t losing any weight and want more food for their kids

Rioters break free from the FEMA camps and begin to head for the hills

Sickness spreads from all the sick refugees fleeing the FEMA camps

Your neighbors (taking huge losses) over power you and take all your food, water, rape your females, and kill you for not sharing your bounty.

Sounds depressing doesn’t it? Well the breakdown of societies has happened in the past and it will happen again; it just takes an “EVENT” to push the sheeple over the edge. I know my wife and I have a plan of action if we lost everything or couldn’t make if home if an event does happen. I know my neighbors don’t and that’s pretty darn scary.

Plan for the worst and practice something new every day.

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