Sunday, March 7, 2010

Things to do this month - March

___ 1) Try to use cash only for the next week. See what it’s like to be untraceable.

___ 2) Sign up for a self defense course (karate, krav maga, etc).

___ 3) Install a hidden safe in your home and use it.

___ 4) Update your Will, Living Will and Power of Attorney.

___ 5) Try bartering…join the cashless economy.

___ 6) Check out and participate in the many online survival/preparedness forums.

___ 7) Make sure all of your immunizations are updated.

___ 8) Set up a ghost address.

___ 9) Read and learn the Constitution, Bill of Rights and your state’s Constitution.

___ 10) Vary your schedule on a daily basis; make yourself difficult to track.

___ 11) Get your HAM radio operator’s license.

___ 12) Develop an alternate power plan in case you are without power for days or weeks.

___ 13) Back up all of your computer files on a jump drive and keep it in a safe place.

___ 14) Collect business cards, you never know when you will need them as cover.

___ 15) Write out your complete medical record and store it in a secure place.

___ 16) Do something that scares (or severely challenges) you.

___ 17) Get your free annual credit report ( and correct any errors.

___ 18) Donate to a good cause (money, food, clothes, etc).

___ 19) Increase your vehicle’s security (alarm, tinted windows, GPS tracker, etc).

___ 20) Eat at home and cook all food from scratch for one week.

___ 21) Increase your physical exercise to at least one hour per day.

___ 22) Buy and learn how to use a GPS device.

___ 23) Play a game of paintball.

___ 24) Get all of your car’s spring maintenance done (change oil, tune up, rotate tires, etc).

___ 25) Attend a convention (on survival or preparedness topics).

___ 26) Learn sign language.

___ 27) Change all of the door locks in your home if this hasn’t been done recently.

___ 28) Change all of your PIN numbers.

___ 29) Practice how not to be a target for kidnapping/assault/robbery.

___ 30) Review all of your insurance plans (life, health, auto, home) to ensure adequate coverages.

___ 31) Learn how to throw a knife.

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