Sunday, March 28, 2010

Learn how to suppliment your food storage

There have been many posts on other blogs about food much, what type, etc...what I have not seen lately are suggestions on how to suppliment your current food stock.  You must learn how to grow your own food and trap game animals.  I knwo it sounds revolting to trap, skin, clean, and eat a tree rat, Racoon, or rabbit; but, have  you learned how to do it yet?  Have you trapped your own squirrel, racoon, or rabbit?  Have you determined what works and what does not?

When your stored food is gone; whether eaten, destroyed, or are you going to feed yourself, your family, and use to trade?

Get outside, make a trap, dead fall, or noose to see if it works or not...trip it yourself, dont kill an animal just for fun.


I just read this post by Possum Living:

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