Thursday, March 25, 2010

Here is another reminder for ya....

Volcano's are active in how many countries now?

The economy is taking a dump and economists are predicting Hyper-Inflation (folks, that means $20.00 for a chickin in the store which now costs about $3.00...or try $10.00 for a loaf of bread).

People are livid about this ObamaCare...can we see riots???

Countries are facing droughts and other weird weather...creating more food shortages (remember the whole rice crisis last year?

How about a war with Isreal and Iran coming soon?  Why do you think there are sooo many armed forces in Afghanistan right now?

When that war breaks out....who is going to protect us from all the NATO troops currently stationed on many of our military basis???? (Yea, the ones coming for your guns and ammo).

Oh yea, let's not forget the earthquakes on the West coast recently.

Did we forget about the Swine Flu, Bird Flu, and SARS already?

As a result of all this, if water stops flowing, here are the events you can expect to see in some of the worse-off cities:

* Looting of all the grocery stores by the second or third day (remember New Orleans?)

* Minor outbreaks of violence during the looting. Shop owners, for example, may attempt to defend their shops with firearms (ala L. A. Riots)

* Mass exodus of residents from the city in search of water

* Ransacking of any houses or farms within a gas-tank radius of the city, presumably by desperate people with guns

* Mass traffic jams on the outbound highways as people run out of gas and abandon their vehicles (if bad enough, this could actually block the highways and trap people in the cities) (Remember Hurricane Rita?)

* Mass outbreak of water-borne diseases as people use streams and rivers as both a water fountain and a bathroom. People crapping upstream are going to infect the people drinking downstream. Very few have any kind of water filtration device. That last point is really critical. Once the water flow stops, disease is going to strike.

Practice make perfect...don't wait to be in a situation, before you decide you have to learn how to take care of yourself and family.

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