Friday, February 12, 2010

Things to do this month - February

___1) Go to the library and check out a book on survival skills; read thoroughly.

___ 2) Buy a secondary hard drive for your computer and learn to switch them out.

___ 3) Get a cross cut shredder and use it to destroy all garbage with your info on it.

___ 4) Make a safe room. It should have a solid door, dead bolt lock, supplies and cell phone.

___ 5) Get a feel for what happens in your neighborhood during a typical weekday.

___ 6) Start investing (in an IRA, Roth IRA, 401k, 403b, employer matching plan, etc).

___ 7) Make a duplicate set of the keys you use and leave them in a secure place.

___ 8) Become a valuable employee at work or a valuable business owner to your clients.

___ 9) Install solid exterior doors and screen doors; include deadbolt locks and a peep holes.

___ 10) Take an EMT class; it’s great basic medical training.

___ 11) Gather all of your important documents and put them together in a safe place.

___ 12) Volunteer (Search and Rescue, HAM radio club, DEM, etc); they provide great training.

___ 13) Question your tax preparer about ways to lower your taxes for next year.

___ 14) Consider installing tracking devices on high end items (computers, Plasma TV, etc).

___ 15) Learn new physical skills (go dancing, rollerblading, skiing, etc.).

___ 16) Spend the weekend observing others (go to a hostel, a religious revival, a biker rally).

___ 17) Install an audio/video/motion sensitive security system in your home.

___ 18) Develop an emergency evacuation plan and practice it with your family (include info to all

participants about nearby and far away meeting places).

___ 19) Revamp your computer. Update software, use the disk cleanup and defrag features.

___ 20) Take your name off your mailbox and make your home look tidy but average outside.

___ 21) Make plans to travel to a foreign country this year—it’s an excellent learning experience.

___ 22) Clean your firearms, and make sure they are stored securely but are easily accessible.

___ 23) Start a small side business.

___ 24) Make a plan to pay off all of your consumer debt ASAP.

___ 25) Teach others security and survival skills.

___ 26) Read foreign newspapers to find out what the rest of the world thinks about the US.

___ 27) Plant an early spring garden.

___ 28) Develop and institute a security plan for your workplace.

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