Saturday, January 9, 2010

Things to do this month - January

___ 1) Write a dozen goals that you will complete this year, one for each month.

___ 2) Begin a daily exercise program, even if you only walk around the block.

___ 3) Sign up for a course (local college or online) that will increase your work skills.

___ 4) Get or renew, if needed, your concealed carry permit if this is legal in your state.

___ 5) Review all of your bills and look for ways to decrease or eliminate them.

___ 6) Start a savings account and add to it every day.

___ 7) Schedule a complete medical, dental, hearing and vision check up.

___ 8) Change all of your online passwords.

___ 9) Put $200 cash in your wallet and only use it in case of emergency.

___ 10) Plan your spring/summer/fall garden and order seeds.

___ 11) Participate in a regular shooting program (IPSC, skeet, etc.).

___ 12) Update your resume.

___ 13) Get or renew your passport.

___ 14) Get organized with a PDA or calendar system.

___ 15) Spend a few hours in a public place observing people.

___ 16) Work your emergency food supplies into your regular pantry and restock.

___ 17) Take a winter camping or backpacking trip.

___ 18) Practice various ways to escape from your home in an emergency.

___ 19) Thoroughly clean your house then donate/garage sale the stuff you don’t need.

___ 20) Plan your summer vacation; preferably where you will learn additional survival skills.

___ 21) Make appointments for spring services (chimney clean, furnace tune up, etc.).

___ 22) Make your home safer—fix loose stairs or handrails, put a non-skid surface on tubs, etc.

___ 23) Make sure your smoke detectors, CO2 detectors and fire extinguisher all work.

___ 24) Review your home preparedness library and add a few more useful books.

___ 25) Make a plan to increase your income by 25% this year.

___ 26) Watch the latest action thriller and list at least five real-world tips you learn.

___ 27) Make $100 today. Consider Ebay, a garage sale, selling your skills, etc.

___ 28) Write up your communications plan info and give a copy to each family member.

___ 29) Start your home cash stash with a $100 in $1 bills and $500 in $20s.

___ 30) Step out of your element and go somewhere you would not normally frequent.

___ 31) Review the contents of your Bug Out Bag and re-supply/replenish if necessary.

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