Tuesday, October 6, 2009

When, Where, and most importantly...how will you meet with your loved ones

Terrorists are planning attacks on our cities throughout our crumbling Nation. These attacks may be in larger cities, but they will most likely happen in the mall, bus stop, or fast food place near you. No way, you say? Well, attacking big cities is the plan if they want to kill a lot of people fast; but, if the organization wants to instill FEAR, well...that is another story. Imagine multiple attacks throughout the country at multiple malls, at bus stops, or movie theaters, at the same time (or even staggered over a period of time) and what type of impact that would have on you, your family, your neighbors, and your coworkers.

Have you taken the time to discuss how you will get home, how your wife or girlfriend, your kids, and your friends will get home? What routes will they take? Will they stay with friends? Do you even know where your kids’ friends live? Does your wife or girlfriend know how to use the stuff in their B.O.B.? Do they have an extra pair of walking shoes in the car...just in case they need to walk home? Have you even tried to walk home from work or the equivalent distance around your neighborhood? Do you have a tracking device on your dog if they get freaked out and run away from home?  Have you discussed how you will communicate with eachother when the cell phones stop working?  Or do they plan to just sit where they are, wait for help to arrive, and then do what they are told by who ever shows up?

Very soon into the conversation, my coworker looked like he was punched in the groin. I asked him what was the matter and he stated that he had never thought of all that...my response was, "Dude, I think you better start thinking about it; if not for you...do it for your wife and kids. You can still take care of them even if you aren't home." I also advised him that they ought to practice by turning the power, water, and gas off to the house for a weekend, just so they can experience what it would be like. They could take notes on what they needed, what they wanted, and what they could have done better.

We talked about mending bridges with unfriendly neighbors, coworkers, and relatives...just in case they may need their assistance in the future.

If you haven't done so, begin putting up some extra canned foods, bottled water, and things you will need to make your life more comfortable in the very near future. (Especially feminine personal hygiene items).

Practice, practice, practice...

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