Monday, September 21, 2009

Things have changed for a while

I've decided to take another contracting job in Ass-Crack-istan again.  If anyone out there is looking for a job with tax free income (most of it) let me know.  I have a list of contractors who are hiring in Afghanistan.  Some contractors are better than others; so, if you have any questions please let me know. 

No, I will not tell you what type of work I do, but if you subscribe to my blog...I will send you a list of the contractors in an excel spreadsheet.  Shoot, even if you dont subscribe, I'll send you the list anyway.

While I am in Ass-crack-istan, I will report on how to survive in a 3rd world country (since we are heading in that direction anyway) and other useful information that I see and learn about.

I will not shut down my blog...I will continue to post as much as I can...remember...practice makes perfect.  Don't wait until you need to know...learn now, practice now, and teach others how to survive in California when TSHTF.

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