Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stuck in Kuwait

During my travel to Ass-Crack-Istan, I got stuck in Kuwait...and am still here.  Although not considered a third world country, by any means, I know I still need to prepare incase of an emergency.  With Iran testing rockets which could land here, or Afghanistan, I need to have a bug out bag ready. 

The US currency is in the toilet and it takes almost 4 dollars to buy one of their Kuwait Dinars; so, purchasing stuff at the store sucks big time.  I did buy some preps which I keep in my BOB back home....primarily peanut butter, canned tuna, and top raman.  I scavange the soap, shampoo, contidioner, cotton balls, Qtips, water, plastic bags, paper clips, pens, toilet paper, jelly, salt, and sugar from the hotel.  I also found a spray bottle I can use as a mister if I get caught outside during the heat of the day.  When I see matches laying around, I pick them up...reasons you can figure out...and no, I dont smoke. I found the emergency exits, walked to them with my eyes closed, and found the rally points outside.  I found a map and can walk to the airport in necessary, but since I am making friends with some of the hotel staff, I am sure I can get a ride from them if necessary.

Most importantly, when I do go out to the store, I make sure I dont stand out like the rest of the ExPats working here.  I dont get all dressed up, I dont speak or act loudly, and am always very polite to EVERYONE I meet...and never go out by myself. 

Here is a pic of some of my preps...and a great view from my hotel.  Remember eveyone...practice, practice, practice....and build up some preps today.

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