Thursday, September 3, 2009

Go eat some crow!

I couldn't help but smile when I wrote that..however, I'm not talking about making an ass out of yourself and then having to apologize for it...I'm talking about EATIN' Some CROW!!!! Yea baby... get in my belly!

Crows are notoriously disagreeable birds, in every respect. The majority of the population would conform to the fact that the birds are scavengers, and that they are not suitable for eating.  An old joke among outdoorsmen holds that if you get lost in the woods without any food and manage to catch a crow, you should put it in a pot with one of your boots, boil it for a week, and then eat the boot.  Eating crow, therefore, is an especially unpleasant and humiliating thing to have to do.

I, however, totally disagree...since the same could be said for shrimp, lobster, crab, and snails (Escargot); yes, those animals are all scavengers and they are on many menus and are very expensive too.

 (Yes, one day soon I will post on how to raise your own garden variety escargot and cook them up too!) 

As I was outside, watching the bread cook on the BBQ, I saw a couple of crows fly by and was reminded about the website I came across last year or the year before and thought to my self...yea, I gotta post a link.

If you think you can't eat crow...go check out their website... here is a paragraph...

"In fact, we believe a natural prejudice has prevented most crow hunters from even considering this bird as wild game. Our experience is that the mere mention of dropping these birds on the menu brings a series of comments from other hunters as if we had just suggested stir frying up a batch of common sewer rats. And if you ever make the mistake of sharing these thoughts with a non-hunter, be prepared for the same reaction you might get if you invited them to dine with the Donner party. This is a shame since, properly prepared, the members of the Corvid family are as tasty as most other game birds and even tastier than some. Besides, with crow populations as high as they are, what an untapped resource we have at our disposal."

When I think about how much deer are roaming around Los Angeles and it's suburbs, I'm thinking I can add a little crow to my menu...if, I really needed to.

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  1. Eating the scavengers is part of why the planet is becoming so polluted. Their purpose is to clean things up. Quit eating the vacuum cleaners!