Monday, August 31, 2009

Testing the to speak

Finally, I put my plan into action and tested whether or not I can drink pool water with my filters.  I began with purchasing a 1HP, 8.9 gallon transfer pump; tried to run it with my 400 Watt power box, my battery bank and 1500 watt inverter, RV water filter, food grade water hose, and my ZeroWater filter & digital test stick.

On the back of the test stick there is a PPM chart, which reads from 0 to 500+.  0 PPM is the best and 500+ is the U.S. EPA's max contamination level. 

0 to 50 is pure water
50 - 100 carbon filters & mountain spring water
100 - 200 hard water
200 - 400 Average tap water
400 - 500 High tap or spring water
500 +  U.S. EPA's max contamination level

The pump worked great, except it took a bit of work to get it primed.  I know...I's a transfer pump, not a sump pump.  Ultimately, the water pressure was so great, I am considering attaching a regular hose and spray nozzle and using it for an emergency shower.

I used a RV water filter purchased at walmart for about $20.00.

This is the food grade, RV water hose, purchased at walmart for about $20.00; I think.
Inverter with cables...attached to my 3 deep cycle marine batteries.
400 Watt, Black and Decker, powerbox... It wasn't enough power to run the pump.  Perhaps, I should have fully charged it before I used it.
ZeroWater, PPM, test stick.
This is the pump and (smaller) food grade hose...same manufacturer...without the RV filter.
This is the unit with the RV filter attached...notice the volume of water...excellent water pressure.  Attach another hose and a spray nozzle and the we have an instant shower.
This is the base reading of the pool water... 197 isn't bad, I guess.
I let the water run through the filter for a couple of minutes and then took a reading. 

The filter lowered the PPM down a little bit.
Then I wanted to test the water coming directly from the main.  This faucet is by the pool in the back yard and does not get fitered by the house filtration system.  The base reading for the water from the water company is 301 PPM.
I then connected the filter, ran the water for a few minutes, and then took another reading.
I then went inside to the house filtration system and took a another base reading.
No, I did not attached the RV filter because this water is filtered by the filtration system and we drink it everyday and it gets filtered again throught the 'fridge when we want to drink it.  Then I went inside and took a sample from the 'fridge water.
Then I thought to myself that if the city water get contaminated or shuts down, then I won't be drinking it, I went back outside and put the ZeroWater filter system together.  I attached the RV filter to the hose and the pump and then began to fill up the ZeroWater holding tank and then began to take readings of the filtered water.
This reading was taken at the beging of the filtering process.  The filtered pool water in the holding taking was reading 180.
This reading was taken with two inches of water filtered.
And the final reading when the tank was done filtering all the water.  Yes, I did drink the filtered water and it was actually tasted pretty good.
Would I drink the water filtered by the RV filter only? No, I would not...but, I would probably bathe in it and use it to water the veggies in the garden.
Remember everyone...practice makes perfect. Practice now so you better prepared later.


  1. Great article! Since I have a big pool in the courtyard this answers some questions of how my neighbors and my family will utilize it in an emergency. Nice set up and its very reasonable. I think by re-filtering the rv filtered water with a Katadyn or some such will knock down the levels even more. Thanks!

  2. What kind of chemicals do you use in your pool? Any algicides? I have wondered and gotten conflicting advice about drinking filtered pool water, so I was very interested to see your results. I use only chlorine unless I have an algae bloom (only once). Do you think a Big Berkey would filter everything out?

  3. Chemicals and Katadyn filters are out of my league. All I know is that I don't have a salt water pool and that when I filtered it with the RV filter and ZeroWater filter there wasn't anything registered on the test meter. I have a pool guy who was hired when I was in Afghanistan and I have never used a Katadyn filter. Although, I have heard great things about the Katadyn filters, I have never actually used them. I only comment on things which I have tried and know to be true or other survivalists who have tried things for themselves and give a reasonable explaination as to why it works for them. I hope others who have tried to filter pool water can give their feedback as well.