Friday, August 7, 2009

Staying clean = staying healthy

What will you do in an emergency when there is no running water? If you have stored water you still need to have a plan for personal hygiene and sanitation issues, and perhaps laundry.

Here are a few quick tips that may be helpful to consider in your planning.

If you stay clean you have a better chance of staying healthy, and to reduce your stress level. When you cannot shower or take a bath you will discover that staying clean is not an easy task. If you decide to take a sponge bath and use regular soap you will need a significant amount of water to rinse the soap off. Instead keep a supply of baking soda in your storage. Place one teaspoon of baking soda in 16 oz. of water and stir to dissolve. Use a wash cloth soaked in the baking soda water to take a sponge bath. Rinsing is not necessary, but if you do rinse you only need to use another wash cloth that is wet with clean water.

Water is a valuable item that you need to conserve, so do not use your stored water to flush toilets. Instead you can make or purchase inexpensive chemical toilets that are made for camping for use in an emergency.

Washing clothes may become an issue if you are without utilities for an extended time. The same type of baking soda water can be used to wash clothes along with a scrub board, just like the ones your ancestors used before the days of washing machines. You will need a clothes line, either outside or inside your home depending on the weather.

Staying clean is important to avoid the build up of bacteria that can enter the pores of your skin or get into your eyes nose or mouth and cause illness.

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