Thursday, August 20, 2009

I was over at Utah Preppers and read an awesome post about the Berkey filter system. As most of you know, California prohibits the filters from being shipped here. So I decided to find a filtration system which could be purchased and replacement filters can be shipped to CA. While I was in HomeDeopt, I found this ZeroWater system and decided to give it a shot.

The system cost me about $90.00. It came with two filters, two water chambers (an upper and a lower), water guard (prevents water overflow), and a water tester.

All the parts and pieces:

The base of the filter domes get screwed into the upper water chamber, the filter domes get put on, and the filter screw directly on the bottow of the upper water chamber. The water guard gets screwed into the base:

Assembly with and without the water guard:

When I had my business, I had a water cooler. When I closed the store, my instincts told me to keep it...just in case. It now sits in the garage. I plan to hook up my battery bank, inverter, and plug the cooler into makes hot and cold water.

This is the water tester which came with the unit...I'll do some testing, take some pics, and post them later.

Remember everyone...practice, practice, practice. Thank you Utah Preppers for the inspiration...keep up the good work!


  1. Oh!!! I live here in CA and was so frustrated in not being able to get a Berkey. Then I found a site that *DOES* ship here. I got the biggest, baddest Berkey they make: the Crown. It was $317 with two filters and the Waterview Spigot and free shipping. I was VERY pleased with customer service.

    As a huge bonus, they also carry the excellent herbal products from Beeyoutiful and items from No Greater Joy.

  2. Oops, I guess I forgot the link! So sorry!