Friday, July 31, 2009

What kinds of foods to store for your family

A crisis or emergency is a high stress time for everyone. It is especially important to have high energy foods available during these times. If you plan ahead, you can have meals that are not only high in energy, but also nutritious.

We recommend that you store the foods you and your family normally eat, and eat what you store. When you encounter an emergency situation you will not have to eat foods you are unfamiliar with if you have planned in advance by storing foods you already know that you enjoy.

Besides the nutritional benefit you gain from the food, there is also a positive psychological benefit of doing things the way you did before a disaster. Eating three meals a day of food you and your family actually like will help make the stressful time seem easier to handle.

Do not count on government help in a disaster. The only way to guarantee that you will have food is if you have your own supply. Government agencies state that the goal is to provide shelters within 72 hours of a disaster, but that has not been the case recently. Often the shelters are not available for an extended time, and food may be delayed even longer. Whenever possible, stick to simple tastes that you are used to for your storage. Consider these possibilities:

Instant soups and meals, instant mashed potatoes are a great way to have foods on hand that you also use in your regular diet. They are lightweight and easy to pack if you need to leave home. Instant Morning Moos is a good way to make sure you get the calcium you need.

Snack Foods
Snack foods are an essential part of your diet and help reduce stress. If you eat snacks during normal times, you will want snacks during emergencies too. Plus snacks are a good way to help relieve the stress of emergency situations.

For Babies or Toddlers
If you have a nursing baby, you should pack formula in case you arent able to nurse because of shock or stress. Include both powdered formula and liquid formula in case water is not available to mix the powdered formula. Include baby food for an older baby or toddler. Instant cereal, fruits, and vegetables are a good choice. Remember to store extra water to reconstitute these items.

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