Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How to begin to prepare for your family

Answer the questions below and you will have a plan of action if emergency strikes today.

Come back to this plan of action and up date it as you improve your resources.

1. If an emergency prevents you from leaving your house, and you do not have running water, electricity, or heat do you have what you need to survive? Describe your plan.

2. If an emergency requires that you leave your house, but there are no shelters, no hotels, no gas stations, and no restaurants available, are you ready to grab a emergency preparedness kit with everything you need and go? Describe your plan.

Some Specific Questions You NEED to Answer

1. Do you have actual emergency preparedness kits ready to go at a moments notice for each member of the family, including the pets?

2. Do you have a specific, written emergency evacuation plan known by all family members?

3. Do you have a safe source of light in the event of a power failure?

4. How will you communicate and get news if phone lines are not working?

5. Do you enough water stored for each person and pet in your family for at least 72 hours?

6. What will you use for shelter if you have to leave your home?

7. Do you have a first aid kit and have you been trained in first aid and CPR?

8. What will you do if you cannot flush your toilet?

9. How will you cook food if your stove does not work?

10. How will you wash if you have no running water?

11. What will you do if emergency shelters are not available for more than 72 hours after a disaster strikes?

12. What will you do if all businesses are closed and all roads are closed to civilian traffic?

13. How will your answers to the above be affected if it is winter or if there is severe weather?

After writing down your answer to each of the above questions, make a separate list detailing your plans to obtain the knowledge or supplies you do not presently have so that you can answer these questions better in the future.

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