Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Feminine Personal Hygiene Products - Makes life better for everyone

Feminine hygiene products are a sensitive subject, but they are definitely a vital must have to assure everyone’s sanity. I often advise my wife to purchase extra whenever I think about it. If you are planning on taking care of your family during an emergency make sure to keep several months on hand for every woman (or teenage girl) that is likely to be a member of the household.

Watch for sales, and when the products can be purchased for a discount get several years worth (if budgeting allows). If money is tight, try to buy an extra pack every other trip to the store and store them away.

Feminine hygiene products are technically a luxury, but in modern society are so integrated into the daily life that they are looked upon as a necessity. Before feminine hygiene products were invented, women would isolate themselves during menstruation. This isolation will probably not be an option during the days, weeks and months following an emergency – having adequate supplies on hand until better alternatives can be found are vital.

Stock extras if possible! Feminine hygiene products will make great barter items in emergencies where shipping is disrupted. They are highly desirable, consumable and can store virtually forever. Get the products NOW…do it for the females in your household, but most importantly, do it for yourself. Can you imagine the extra stress you will have to deal with if the products are needed and you don’t have them?

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