Monday, June 1, 2009

Surviving a Reduction in Force - Layoffs

Coping with Downsizing When You Still Have a Job

Though downsizing may be necessary in certain times, it can be traumatic, and not just for those who are let go, but for remaining employees as well.

Anxiety, shock, guilt, fear and confusion are typical reactions to making it through a downsizing. You may feel grateful to still have a job; you may feel betrayed or less than optimistic about the company. These feelings are valid, however, instead of dwelling on the recent losses, try to keep an open mind and a positive outlook, which can make it easier to cope with the situation.

Be objective
Find constructive ways to express your thoughts and feelings
Balance your time carefully
Do not try to cope by using alcohol or drugs
Focus on enhancing your work skills
Rise to the challenge

Talking with Management
When downsizing does occur, you are likely to have questions and comments, not to mention anxiety. Some topics to discuss with your manager, during this time, might include:
Increased guidance and leadership
Increased communication
Honesty about future expectations
Inside opportunities to create new challenges and professional growth
Time management

Now, more than ever, balancing work and home is vital to your emotional health and productivity.

Accepting and moving on
So you made it through the downsizing period. One way to deal with the situation is to accept what has happened and keep moving forward.

Maybe this is an opportunity to advance within the company; a chance to learn additional industry-related skills and management tools; and a way to showcase your value.

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