Friday, June 26, 2009

Make your own Butter

It is very, very simple and quite cheap, not to mention tasty.

When whipping cream or table cream go on sale at the store or maybe a gift of some comes your way, get out your mixer and whip the cream as you would for whipped topping.

Only keep whipping just a tad further and you will have butter along with the buttermilk.

Drain off the buttermilk and reserve in the fridge for other uses.

Squeeze the butter by hand or with a wooden spatula until no more liquid comes out.

Then rinse with cold water and give a quick squeeze again.

You may add any flavorings, herbs, or salt at this time. Mold or just stick in a clean plastic container and use.

Store the unused portions in the fridge. By watching sales and checking around to see if someone would be willing to trade fresh milk and cream for something you have to offer, butter can be affordable, no matter how small a person’s budget.

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