Wednesday, May 6, 2009

30 Minutes to get what you need

Picture this…

You’re sitting home; numbing your brain watching that damn TV, and a broadcast comes over the box…

“In a PREPLANNED JOINT ATTACK ON THE US…Iran just nuked Israel, Afghanistan, Iraq, killing over 1 Million Military and US contractors overseas…the Chinese and Russians who have been training with the US Military has sunk the US Navy fleet in a surprise attach, and Mexico and Chinese Special Forces who have been training in Panama have just attacked Texas, Arizona, and California…Russian Bombers have bombed Alaska, Washington, and Oregon…United Nations Troops Stationed throughout the United States have attacked military bases and food transportation Hubs… more to follow.”

If there ever is a cause for a run on the grocery stores, the supplies will be depleted in thirty minutes. That’s it. One half hour warning is all you (and all your neighbors) will have to find and get more food, more water, more produce, and more medical supplies. In those thirty minutes, your local stores will only be able to supply less than 1% of your community with the goods they would need or hoard.

Currently we hear in the news of wheat shortages, threat of Global War, escalating oil prices, trillion dollar national deficit, constitutional freedoms being shredded, threat of banking collapse, high rate of home foreclosures, threat of H1N1 Flu epidemic, unprecedented inflation of the dollar, foreign hackers successfully tapping into the power grid, skyrocketing unemployment…these are all reasons and even warnings why many Americans are beginning to wake up and take steps towards emergency preparedness today. Grocery stores aren’t stocked for any kind of a panic and Costco only has about 3 days worth of food, if properly rationed, for its communities.

I know… I know…more doom and gloom…but the good news is that you and your close neighbors have taken steps to fend for yourselves when the rest of the mindless drones come looking for your food and water right? Think LA Riots, Katrina, Northridge Earthquake, the list goes on an on…

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  1. While I watched the riots on television I immediatelt thought "What would I do if the riot came toward my community?" I started planning thanks to sites like this! Keep up the work. Lankeylank.