Monday, April 27, 2009

Bird Flu, Pig Flu, Whatever - Get what you need now

I had a funny feeling a couple of days ago...

YOU CAN PRAY that it isn’t true, but stories coming out of Mexico and the southwestern US may be saying otherwise. According to World Health Organization (WHO) reports, over 800 people have fallen ill in Mexico. Of these 800, at least 60 are now dead; 57 in Mexico City alone.

The culprit is very possibly a recombinant H1N1 virus. According to a CDC report, the virus is “a unique combination of gene segments that previously has not been reported among swine or human influenza viruses in the United States or elsewhere.”

In other words, this is something new.

WHO reports that the majority of the Mexican cases occurred in healthy young adults, ages 25-44, featuring ‘atypical pneumonia’. I’m still trying to track down the specific symptoms that would lead to a description of ‘atypical pneumonia’, but the words are chilling. H1N1 is the same virus that struck during 1918-1919 and killed as many as 25 million people worldwide. Known as the ‘Spanish Flu’, that outbreak of H1N1 began as a result of recombination (mixing) of human, avian, and swine viruses. Pigs serve as wonderful mixing pots for new viral strains, because they can contract avian (bird) strains as well as infect humans. Most avian viruses do not infect humans directly, requiring an intermediate, such as pigs, to cause human illness.

Is this what’s going on in Mexico? If so, hang on to your hats, because San Diego County, California; Imperial County, California; and Guadalupe County, Texas are all reporting H1N1 infections–and the CDC identifies this ’swine flu’ as a new combination of avian, swine, and human.

All three of these counties lie near the border with Mexico.

Thanks MEXICO...we give you our JOBS, WELFARE, and HEALTH CARE and you give us your diseases, drugs, and ATTITUDES.


N95 masks are what my family has in stock. We got them at Home Depot, Lowes, Sherman Williams Paint store, and Albertsons.

If you have coworkers coming into work sick; make them leave. If your kids friends are sick; make them leave. If you're sick stay home. Common sense people.

If you don't have enough femine personal hygiene items for 3 months, flu medicine, food, the kids' favoriate foods, and toilet paper - I'd get it now, while the stores are still open. What do you need now in case all the stores and utilities shut down for a month?

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